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ALIM AKHTAR - Broker Associate e-PRO
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Pacific Sterling Properties
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I will be happy to arrange the showing of the available properties of your interest. However, in view of the fact that the process of putting up an application takes some time and rental properties may go fast, it is strongly recommended that you prepare the paper work before starting to see the properties. For that you may download and/or print the 3 documents below.

Authorisation for Credit Report must be completely filled and signed by each applicant and cosigner (if any). The applicant pays the cost of processing which at present is $25 for each applicant. This cost is payable in cash or by a personal check in my name at the time of submitting this form. The same credit report will be good for all other applications within a short time.

Disclosure regarding Real Estate relationship is to be signed by each applicant. As the renter does not pay any commission to me, this form entitles me to get the commission from the owner/owener's agent. I will not be able to submit the applications without this document.

Two page "Application to rent/screening fee" is to be completed by each occupant above the age of 18 or an emancipated minor and cosigner (if any). The first page requires initials and the second page requires signatures at two places. For each property, a seperate application is required. To avoid re-writing the details for different applications, applicants may complete the applications leaving the property details and signatures and take photocopies. As soon a property is selected, its details can be filled in and applications signed.

In addition to the above 3 documents, supporting documents for verification of income and/or financial stability are required. These may be copies of pay stubs, bank statements, tax return etc.

Important: Please read and understand the above notes before preparing the paperwork

Request/Authorisation for Credit Report 

Application to rent/screening fee

Agency Discloser

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